The harmattan season is gradually creeping in and we all know what comes along with it; dust, cold dry skin and other things. We sure need to keep our kids well taken care of during this season. These few tips can help us with preparing and keeping them from the harsh conditions of the harmattan season.
Warm baths

This helps to keep them warm and protect them from cold. Warm baths, not hot baths, because hot water has drying effect on the skin especially during the harmattan.

They need lots of fruit and fluid
Children require a lot of fruits and fluids as well, during this season, because it helps to build their immunity. With their immunity built up, there are fewer chances of them being infected with some common flu that comes along with the harmattan season.

Their skin needs to be properly moisturized to avoid dryness.
Moisturizers like Vaseline can be added on their lips as balms to prevent it from cracking and bleeding. Other moisturizers too can be added on the surface of their skin as well to avoid dryness.

They should be properly covered up.
With the right and appropriate clothing, you could cover up your child in other to avoid any form of over exposure to cold. And don’t forget to properly regulate the air-condition system in their rooms to an appropriate temperature.

Respiratory conditions must be handled properly
Children with asthma or other respiratory conditions should be given special care and exposure to dust should be reduced to the minimum. Any child with symptoms of catarrh, cold and others should be promptly treated.  

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