starling school lekki priscilla olloh school director

Priscilla Olloh
School Director

Starling School children are bright and inquisitive individuals, each with unique abilities, interests and aspirations. They have exceptional opportunities at Starling School – for personal development, adventure and achievement in many directions. We encourage their curiosity and imagination at every stage of school life, and provide an important foundation for learning in this formative period.

Starling School is a successful and dynamic school with high standards and expectations. At Starling School we are interested in the fullest sense and seek to provide a proper balance of academic excellence, fun and activity. Our teaching staff is wholly committed to giving the children an outstanding educational experience during their time at Starling School. In addition to the teaching staff, the dedication of our non teaching team – caretakers, administrative and secretarial staff – help to make Starling School a friendly and happy place.


Our school is led by a highly qualified and dedicated team. We run a hybrid curriculum which is interesting and every child is engaged in extra curricula activities

We value the quality of our relationship with our parents and children, which is grounded in respect, trust and honesty. Our parents are supportive and engaged in all that we do. Each parent's enthusiasm for the school helps us to keep moving forward.

A school website can only give a flavour of what a school is really like. May I encourage you to come and visit us? I look forward to meeting and showing you this excellent school in action.