We operate a hybrid curriculum with a unique combination of the British and Nigerian curricula.

At each stage of this section, modern teaching methodologies, quality textbooks, instructional materials and resources are employed to make learning interesting. We encourage and assist our pupils, whatever their ability by providing opportunities for them to develop their potentials.

Towards the end of their academic programme, pupils are prepared for entrance examinations into renowned secondary schools within and outside Nigeria. Our academic programme is divided into three key stages

1. Foundation Stage : Infant / Nursery School
2. Key Stage 1 : Year 1 - 3
3. Key Stage 2 : Year 4 – 6.

The subjects offered are


The English language is a core subject in the curriculum because it is the language of instruction. It is a language spoken in most countries of the world. This subject helps in the development of the four basic skills in the child: reading, writing, listening and speaking.


This subject aims at developing our pupils' mathematical skills and the application of these skills to real life situation. Every morning, the pupils do a mental drill to help sharpen their mental alertness and numerical skills. With the use of modern teaching aids and up-to- date reference materials, Numeracy is made interesting and relaxing for our pupils.


Our school identifies with the positive influence of the computer on our society and the world at large. Pupils both in the nursery and primary school are taught theoretically and practically to independently use the computer; while improving their knowledge of various applications and software. They also learn to use the interactive white board effectively.


This subject aims at educating the children on how to care for their bodies, in appreciation of the value of good health, through physical activities and a balanced nutrition.


Teaching foreign languages help our pupils cultivate a curiosity and love for languages other than those they are exposed to. They will also be opportune to identify with people from varying backgrounds.



This subject helps the pupils catch up on past historical events in the country and the world at large. It also awakens a deep sense of pride in our cultural heritage as a people.


This subject aims at instilling in our pupils a sense of appreciation for their natural environment..


Teaching music helps children to communicate, collaborate and develop their creativity. Music also helps their brain make connections that support their learning in other areas, such as LITERACY and NUMERACY. Also, pupils in the primary school get to learn and play the musical instruments of their choice.


To foster unity and love, this subject encourages pupils to have a sense of patriotism towards their country and understand other cultures around the world. This in turn, enables pupils understand themselves better, since they come from different states and countries.


This is one of the subjects through which our pupils express their artistic skills, interpret nature and the beauty of the earth around them as they work on colour mixtures, paintings, sprays, ceramics, papers, beads, strings, clothing, computer designs as so on.