Today we are focusing on how to raise children who have Integrity. As parents we need to understand that having integrity means being true to yourself, and your “YES” is your “YES” and that you do the right thing even when no one is watching.

Many times we talk about the word integrity to our children without really grasping what it really means. If we must, as parents, teach our children this moral belief, we ourselves must have imbibed it. Integrity is born in the mind and heart of a person. It comes from who you really are as a woman or woman, and what you really believe about right and wrong, good and evil as a mom or dad. Integrity is not exhibited just in one act of goodness, but in your whole character.


Dad was told that his son swore while having a fight with his brother, he decided not to just beat the senselessness out of the Child, rather, he decided to have a moral talk with him on INTEGRITY!

Dad: Do you know the meaning of the word you just said?
Son: Yes dad (he looks down ashamed)

Dad: where did you hear it from?

Son: Tolu, a boy in class says it whenever he has a fight with some of the kids.
So the dad went further to have a full discussion with his son, on how as a man, one should not use foul words. His dad said that such an individual will be considered to lack home training. The father further grounded him as punishment. For the boy – Lesson learnt.

Imagine a few days later while taking the children to school; Dad’s car was ran into by another driver, and then follows a pileup of abusive and vulgar words unleashed on the man by the DAD. Absolutely shocking! That day, the father failed the Child. Many parents do not practice what they preach!

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